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Zombie Hamster | December 9, 2016

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The Infamous DPP Video Nasty List in Full.

The Infamous DPP Video Nasty List in Full.
Colin McCracken

As I venture into the murky, underhand world of the Video Nasty, I feel that it is essential to elaborate a little on the subject. When people refer to Video Nasties, the spectrum can include anything which is gore filled, banned or simply unpleasant. In most cases, however, it will refer to the list of movies which were banned in July 1983 by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) under the Obscene Publications Act.


The list changed at various times, as certain movies made modifications which allowed them to be re-released, whereas some movies were added as the case progressed and titles were brought to the attention of the authorities. It all stemmed from the exploitative and incendiary advertisement techniques employed by the video distributors of the time. These methods were no different to the ones which had been prevalent in the Grindhouse / Exploitaton era which preceded the 1980s. Unfortunately, they fell into the hands and crosshairs of Mary Whitehouse (pictured), who led a tireless moral campaign against what she saw as the primary source of corruption in the Britain of the time. It was largely due to her protests and media connections that the movies were withdrawn and that video retailers were now branded as criminals and deviants.


The police raided and seized any titles on the list and people in possession and found to be distributing this material were under serious threat of imprisonment and / or subject to significant financial penalties.


Here is the complete list, with subsequent information relating to the adjustments which were made to the films in question.

01. Absurd 1981 (1:33:56) (original title: Rosso Sangue; AKA Horrible; The Monster Hunter; Anthropophagus 2 — released with 2m 32s cut in 1983, but was withdrawn post VRA, and has never been re-submitted for classification. Has a release in the United States uncut under the title Horrible)

02. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein 1973 (1:34:55) (AKA Flesh For Frankenstein — passed with 56s cut in 1996, re-released uncut in 2006)

03. The Anthropophagus Beast 1980 (1:31:23) (original title: Antropophagus; AKA Anthropophagous; Antropofago; Gomia, Terror en el Mar Egeo; Man Beast: Man-Eater; The Savage Island — released with approximately 3m of pre-cuts as “The Grim Reaper” in 2002. Has a release in the United States uncut under the title Antropophagus: The Grim Reaper)

04. Axe 1977 (1:08:09) (AKA Lisa, Lisa; California Axe Murder; The Axe Murders — released with 19s cut in 1999, re-released uncut in 2005)

05. The Beast in Heat 1977 (1:24:17) (original title: La Bestia in Calore) (Banned outright)

06. The Beyond 1981 (1:27:29) (original title: E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore ‒ L’Aldilà; AKA Seven Doors of Death — re-released uncut in 2001)

07. Blood Bath 1971 (1:21:24) (original title: Reazione a Catena; AKA A Bay of Blood; Twitch of the Death Nerve — released with 43s cut in 1994, released uncut in 2010)

08. Blood Feast 1963 (1:07:01) (released with 23s cut in 2001, re-released uncut in 2005)

09. Blood Rites AKA The Ghastly Ones 1968 (1:11:50) (original title: The Ghastly Ones) (Banned outright)

10. Bloody Moon 1981 (1:25:00) (original title: Die Säge des Todes — released with 1m 20s cut in 1993, released uncut November 2008)

11. The Bogey Man 1980 (1:21:47) (original title: The Boogeyman — released with 44s cut in 1992, re-released uncut in 2000)

12. The Burning 1981 (1:31:23) (released with 19s cut in 1992, re-released uncut in 2001)

13. Cannibal Apocalypse 1980 (1:36:29) (original title: Apocalypse Domani — released with 2s cut in 2005)

14. Cannibal Ferox 1981 (1:32:59) (alternate title: Make Them Die Slowly — released with approximately 6m of pre-cuts plus 6s of additional cuts in 2000)

15. Cannibal Holocaust 1980 (1:36:56) (released in 2001 with 5m 44s cut to remove most animal cruelty and rape scenes, new version approved with 15s cut in 2011)

16. The Cannibal Man 1972 (1:38:00) (original title: La Semana del Asesino; AKA The Apartment on the 13th Floor — released with 3s cut in 1993)

17. Cannibal Terror 1981 (1:29:35) (original title: Terror Caníbal — released uncut in 2003)

18. Contamination 1980 (1:35:21) (released uncut in 2004 with a 15 rating)

19. Dead and Buried 1981 (1:33:58 ) (released with 30s cut in 1990, re-released uncut in 1999)

20. Death Trap 1980 (1:32:27) (original title: Eaten Alive — re-released uncut in 2000)

21. Deep River Savages 1972 (1:32:53) (original/alternate title: Il paese del sesso selvaggio, The Man from Deep River — released with 3m 45s cut in 2003)

22. Delirium 1979 (1:24:19) (Alternate title: Psycho Puppet — released with 16s cut in 1987)

23. The Devil Hunter 1980 (1:42:20) (original title: Il cacciatore di uomini) (Passed uncut November 2008)

24. Don’t Go in the House 1980 (1:22:09) (released with 3m 7s cut in 1987, passed uncut in December 2011)

25. Don’t Go in the Woods 1981 (1:23:45) (released uncut in 2007)

26. Don’t Go Near the Park 1981 (1:23:23) (released uncut in 2006)

27. Don’t Look in the Basement 1973 (1:29:20) (original title: The Forgotten — released uncut in 2005 with a 15 rating)

28. The Driller Killer 1979 (1:35:57) (released with cuts in 1999 — re-released uncut in 2002, now considered to be public domain)

29. The Evil Dead 1981 (1:25:24) (re-released uncut in 2001)

30. Evilspeak 1981 (1:38:58) (released with 3m 34s cut in 1987, re-released uncut in 2004)

31. Expose AKA House On Straw Hill 1976 (1:20:29) (released with 30s cut in 1997)

32. Faces of Death (And Faces Of Death: Fact Or Fiction) 1978 (2:31:19) (released with 2m 19s cut in 2003)

33. Fight for Your Life 1977 (1:25:43) (Banned outright)

34. Forest of Fear 1980 (1:28:12) (AKA Toxic Zombies; Bloodeaters — re-released uncut in 2006)

35. Frozen Scream 1975 (1:15:24) (Banned outright)

36. Funhouse 1981 (1:35:06) (Released uncut in 1987, re-classified 15 in 2007)

37. Gestapo’s Last Orgy 1976 (1:20:54) (original title: L’ultima orgia del III Reich) (Banned outright)

38. The House By the Cemetery 1981 (1:32:36) (original title: Quella villa accanto al cimitero — passed with over 4 mins cut in 1988, re-released with 33s cut in 2001, released uncut in 2009)

39. House on the Edge of the Park 1980 (1:31:33) (original title: La casa sperduta nel parco — released with 11m 43s cut in 2002, re-released with 42s cut in 2011)

40. Human Experiments 1980 (1:21:59) (released with 26s cut in 1994)

41. I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses 1978 (1:27:23) (released with 1m 6s cut in 1986)

42. I Spit on Your Grave 1978 (1:41:00) (original title: Day of the Woman — released with 7m 2s cut in 2001, re-released with 3 mins cut in 2010)

43. Inferno 1980 (1:46:40) (released with 20s cut in 1993 — re-released uncut in September, 2010)

44. Island of Death 1977 (1:42:30) (original title: Ta Pedhia tou dhiavolou — released with 4m 9s cut in 2002, released uncut September, 2010)

45. Killer Nun 1978 (1:26:54) (original title: Suor Omicidi — released with 13s cut in 1993, re-released uncut in 2006)

46. The Last House on the Left 1972 1:24:25) (refused a video certificate and passed with 31s cut in 2002, passed uncut on the 17th March, 2008)

47. Late Night Trains AKA Night Train Murders 1975 (1:34:01) (original title: L’ultimo treno della notte — released uncut in 2008)

48. The Living Dead 1974 (1:32:52) (original title: Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti; AKA The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue; Let Sleeping Corpses Lie; Don’t Open the Window — passed with 2m pre-cut in 1985, re-released uncut in 2002)

49. Love Camp 7 1968 (1:31:52) (refused a certificate in 2002) (Banned outright)

50. Madhouse 1981 (1:29:29) (original title: There Was a Little Girl — released uncut in 2004)

51. Mardi Gras Massacre 1978 (1:33:27) (Banned outright)

52. Night of the Bloody Apes 1969 (1:23:51) (original title: La Horripilante bestia humana — released with approximately 1m of pre-cuts in 1999; later released uncut in 2002)

53. Night of the Demon 1980 (1:31:55) (released with 1m 41s cut in 1994)

54. Night Warning 1983 (1:32:42) (AKA Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker; Night Warning on the credits of some versions) (Banned outright)

55. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain 1981 (1:38:21) (re-released with pre-cuts in 2005)

56. Possession 1981 (2:03:00) (released uncut in 1999)

57. Pranks 1982 (1:40:34) (AKA The Dorm That Dripped Blood; Death Dorm — re-released with 10s cut in 1992)

58. Prisoner of the Cannibal God AKA Mountain Of The Cannibal God 1978 (1:42:55) (original title: La montagna del dio cannibale; — released with 2m 6s cut in 2001)

59. Revenge of the Bogey Man 1982 (1:23:03) (original title: Boogeyman II — released with additional footage in 2003)

60. The Slayer 1981 (1:26:01) (released with 14s cut in 1992, re-released uncut in 2001)

61. Shogun Assassin 1980 (1:21:29) (re-released uncut in 1999)

62. Snuff 1976 (1:00.59) (Passed uncut in 2003, however it has not yet been re-released)

63. SS Experiment 1976 (1:34:30) (original title: Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur AKA: SS Experiment Camp — released uncut in 2005)

64. Tenebrae 1982 (1:40:33) (original title: Tenebre — released with 5s cut in 1999, re-released uncut in 2003)

65. Terror Eyes 1981 (1:24:49) (original title: Night School — released with 1m 16s cut in 1987)

66. The Toolbox Murders 1978 (1:33:50) (released with 1m 46s cut in 2000)

67. Unhinged 1982 (1:19:45) (released uncut in 2004)

68. Visiting Hours 1982 (1:45:11) (released with approximately 1m cut in 1986)

69. The Werewolf and the Yeti 1975 (1:23:41) (original title: La Maldición de la Bestia) (Banned outright)

70. The Witch Who Came from the Sea 1976 (1:27:33) (released uncut in 2006)

71. Women Behind Bars 1975 (1:22:55)(original French title: Des diamants pour l’enfer) (Banned outright)

72. Xtro 1983 (1:23:30) (Released uncut in 1987, re-classified 15 in 2007; Xtro was a common title seized during police raids in the North of England prior to the official list being published.)

73. Zombie Creeping Flesh 1980 (1:36:24) (original title: Virus; AKA Hell of the Living Dead — released uncut in 2002)

74. Zombie Flesh Eaters 1979 (1:31:20) (original title: Zombi 2; AKA Zombie — released with 23s cut in 1999, re-released uncut in 2005)

75. Zombie Holocaust 1980 (1:24:07) (AKA Dr. Butcher MD – released uncut on UK DVD & VHS on January 29, 2001 by Stonevision. It was reissued on the Dead of Night label in 2004 and again in 2010 by Beyond Terror

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